Breakfast in Dallas, Texas Anyone?

Who doesn’t like a good breakfast in the morning?  Sometimes I have breakfast for dinner because I love it so much.  When I go out to breakfast I like to order something I don’t normally have at home.  Two of my favorites are Huevos Rancheros and Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs.

The breakfast scene in Dallas is huge.  There are so many restaurants that complete for the breakfast crowd that I thought I would do a review of three of them.  I don’t necessarily review the food, I review who owns the restaurant and how it came to be.

The first restaurant that caught my eye was Norma’s Café.  They have been in business since 1958 and now have five restaurants around Texas, three of which are in Dallas.

The original Norma’s Café is located in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas.  Owner, Ed Murph grew up on Oak Cliff and loved to eat at Norma’s Café.  There he made friends and made memories so dear to him that he eventually bought Norma’s Café thirty years ago.

Ed did want to change a thing about the business, so he kept serving the same delicious meals Norma cooked.  He gained a reputation and decided to expand by opening a second Norma’s Café in 2009.  They built a third Norma’s in 2013 in Frisco, Texas and in 2016 they opened a third restaurant.  Their location in Plano, Texas opened in 2017 and they are looking to build another restaurant but have not decided where.

Norma’s Café can cater your next event.  Have a big meeting in the morning at the office?  Call Norma’s and order anything on their menu.  They will happily cater parties from ten to three hundred.  How about breakfast for dinner at your next catered event.  I’m pretty sure this will be memorable to anyone who attends.

With over five hundred positive posts online, you will want to add your two cents once you had one of their amazing meals.

Crinkles and Co. considers themselves a Brunch Bakery.  Located in the Oak Lawn are of Dallas, they strive to cook everything from scratch.  No carton scrambled eggs for them.  They make their own jams, desserts, salad dressings and salsas.

Crinkles and Co. will complete your meal with the brew of your choice.  They use only locally brewed coffee, source their tea locally and tap in to local sources for their beer.  They also have craft cocktails available should you want one for breakfast or dinner!

Family owned, they got their beginning in their mother’s kitchen.  They loved baking desserts for special events and grew quite a base of followers.  One day a friend, who owned a sandwich shop, suggested they sell breakfast tacos out of his place.  After three hours they made more money than the sandwich shop did in a full day.

That’s when the idea of Crinkles and Co. began to take root.  They searched and searched then found the perfect location in Dallas and the restaurant was born.  Providing a comfortable atmosphere and free Wi-Fi with USB plugs and electrical plugs they encourage everyone to come and stay for as long as they want.  With over a four and one-half star rating on the web they are a good bet to put on your breakfast bucket list.

Yolk got its humble beginnings by Taki Kastanis at the young age of twenty-four when he opened his first restaurant in Chicago, Illinois.  His concept was so successful that he ended up opening seven more in Chicago.  He expanded to Indianapolis with three locations one in Florida.  He expanded to Texas and has three locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

One could say that Taki was born and raised in the restaurant business.  His parents had ten restaurants and he could often been seen doing his homework in a booth as his parents closed up the restaurant.  When he was a teenager he enthusiastically helped out in the restaurants working on weekends and after school.

When Taki was twenty he opened his first restaurant that served only lunch and breakfast.  He sold it after a year and went back to business school.  After three years in school he obtained his Real Estate broker’s license and started in the real estate industry.

By the time he was twenty-four, Taki could not get the restaurant business out of his blood and bought a restaurant in a northwest suburb of Chicago.  He sold that business after a year and began to outline the concept of Yolk.

The first Yolk opened in 2006.  The restaurant serves an upscale breakfast and lunch which led to the expansion of his other Chicago restaurants.  They received great press from Zagat and Fox News.    No wonder they have a four-point-three rating on the world wide web.