Review of Three Great Mexican Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

Meso Maya’s Comida Y Copas is located at 1611 McKinney Avenue in Dallas, Texas.  The Executive Chef is Nico Sanchez who fell in love with the culinary arts at the tender age of nine.  Nico worked in a bakery where he would assist in the kitchen and do deliveries.

Chef Nico worked at many restaurants throughout Mexico before coming to the United States.  This helped hone his skills learning how to make amazing tamales, dry chilies and properly cook seafood.  He moved to American in 1996 to Dallas and worked in several restaurants in the area before becoming the Executive Chef at Meso Maya Comida Y Copas.

The fresh flavors in Meso Maya’s food can be contributed by Chef Nico’s garden where he grows onions, tomatoes, squash and peppers.  His flair of making dishes has earned them a four-point three-star rating with over one thousand positive posts on the internet.

Located in the Oak Lawn district of Dallas, Texas is Avila’s Mexican Restaurant.  It was founded by Octavio and Anita Avila in 1986 when they reached retirement age.

Anita grew up in Mexico where her father owned and ran a grocery store in Little Mexico.  Sunday’s were a popular day as they served specials like lengua and menudo.  Born in Parral Chihuahua, Octavio was raised in Monterrey which was close to the Sierra Madre Oriental foothills.  As they raised their family, they loved to cook up timeless family recipes.  It was at the encouragement of their children and friends that prompted them to open Avila’s Mexican Restaurant.

They must be doing something right as they were visited by Guy Fieri and were featured in Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.  Guy picked the Brisket Tacos as his favorite meal which brought in a ton of people who wanted to try them.  There are close to nine hundred evaluations online giving them over a four-star rating.

Twisted Trompo has two locations, one in Dallas, Texas and the other in Garland, Texas.  They opened their first shop in 2008 in a small hole-in-the-wall shop.  They are famous for their Mexican street style tacos and have opened multiple mini taco shops in gas stations around the area that use their different names.

Twisted Trompo was called “One of the most thoughtful, delicious and inexpensive bite in a city dotted with taco spots” by the Dallas Observer.  They were also featured on Food(ography) a show on the The Cooking Channel.

All of their meats are slow roasted, and their marinades are made from scratch.  It is no wonder they have four hundred and ninety-nine reviews on the world wide web giving them well over four stars.