Review of Three Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Los Angles California RestaurantFrankie’s is located in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles, California.  Frankie’s grandparents immigrated to the United States from Naples, Italy in 1906.  Both of his parents are native New Yorkers.  Frankie was born on August 4, 2945 in New York City and had one sibling who was seventeen years older than him.  Sadly, Frankie’s mother passed away when he was only five years old, so he was forced to grow up faster than most kids in his neighborhood.  One of the chores he embraced was cooking for his older brother and father.

At the age of ten, Frankie and a friend had a nickel toss booth at an Italian festival called Feast of San Gennaro that lasted ten days.  He was fascinated with the amazing Italian food that was served and the happy crowds.  As a result, Frankie introduced Feast of San Gennaro to Los Angeles in 2001 which has become one of the most successful annual events in the area.

When Frankie was 18, his father passed away, so Frankie spent time traveling back and forth to California to see his brother.  He met his wife, a Jersey girl, in 1970 in California and married her in 1972.  His brother opened a restaurant in Santa Monica and that brought Frankie West for good to work with his brother several years.

He eventually opened a fish market that he later converted to an Italian restaurant and named it Frankie’s.  He incorporated all of his old recipes and that has made Frankie’s such a success.

When looking for a great Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, the ratings he receives are a strong four-point-five-star on the world wide web.  Frankie’s Clam Bar on the menu offers a great variety of seafood appetizers.

Met Him at a Bar is the dream restaurant by two young lovers and is located in the Mid-Wilshire district in Los Angeles.  This little neighborhood pasta bar is the second restaurant by the couple that is located right across the street.  Their first place is called Met Her at a Bar that serves amazing breakfast food.Los Angeles CA Restaurant Photo Food

Using the family’s recipes, they make their own pasta daily atMet Him at a Bar.  Their restaurant may be small, but their menu promises to satiate even the most voracious appetite.

While they have only forty-five internet reviews, they do have a strong four plus star rating.  Their fresh approach to a small friendly pasta bar keeps them busy and with line of people waiting to get a table.

Pasta Sisters in the Arlington Heights area of Los Angeles got its humble beginnings in the kitchen of their mother in Northern Italy.  Sisters, Paola, Luisa and Patrizia along with their brother spent most of their afternoons in the family kitchen helping their mother baking and cooking in their kitchen.  This was their mother’s way of spending time with her children and passing on family traditions.

Los-Angeles-CA-Restaurant-ImageTheir mother painstakingly wrote down her recipes in two diaries that she passed on to her children.  At Pasta Sisters, they stay true to the recipes their mother made right down to the fresh gnocchi.  Their signature dishes have the taste like none other.

The positive posts online have almost topped one thousand.  Their four-point-five-star rating is richly deserved.  In addition to the location in Arlington Heights, they have a location in Culver City and have a traveling food truck as well.