Review of Three Great Mexican Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee

Las Palamas Mexican Restaurant was established on August 20, 1990 in the Music Row area of Midtown in Nashville, Tennessee.  It is the dream of two families, Onate Family and Ayala Family, who had scouted several cities to open their restaurant before they settled on Nashville.

Housed in a 1960’s building that was set for demolition, the families worked together to renovate and remodel the building completely.  The building was originally known as the Silver Dollar Saloon.  It took them eight months after their opening to really build up their clientele at Las Palamas Mexican Restaurant.  Today they have a second generation of patrons that started going there as children and now they are taking their children to the restaurant.

Online they have close to one thousand positive evaluations giving them a four-plus star ranking.  They have over two hundred employees in their nine locations.  They love to say they have served such celebrities as James Edward Olmos and Dolly Parton.

Taco Mama in Hillsboro Village of Nashville, Tennessee is one of nineteen locations ranging from Alabama to North Carolina.  Founder, Will Haver, was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.  As a baby, his mother had a large vegetable garden and she would make all of his baby food from the produce and vegetables.  She was an amazing cook and Will would spend hours in the kitchen with her learning how to cook.

Will spent years in the restaurant business and always dreamed of opening a restaurant of his own.  His experience brought him to ultimately open Taco Mama which has been a big success.  Their first night open saw a line out to the door as patrons were salivating to get their first bite.

They have a four- and one-half star rating on the world wide web.  They have close to three hundred and seventy raving reviews.  Their goal is to turn each of their happy customers into friends.

Cinco de Mayo in Sobro, Downtown Nashville, Tennessee is one of three locations in Nashville.  There are six other locations in Tennessee giving them nine locations total.  They opened their first restaurant in 2000 and use only the freshest ingredients to create authentic Mexican Food.

They got their name, Cinco de Mayo, from the holiday in Mexico that is often thought to be Mexican Independence Day.  Actually, Mexican Independence Day is September 16th.  Cinco de Mayo is significant because it celebrates the victory of the Mexican Army who defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla.  The war started when Mexican President Benito Juarez decided to stop making payments to foreign debt because of the draining Mexican-American War.

Their dedication to making authentic Mexican cuisine shows with the over three hundred reviews on the internet.  Their menus include delicious appetizers, sumptuous lunches and amazing dinner selections.  One of the most popular deserts is are the Xangos which are also known as cheesecake chimichangas.