Reviews of Three Mexican Restaurants in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pancho Villa Mexican restaurant is located in the Whittier district of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The restaurant is an homage to Jose Doroteo Arange Arambula, also known as Pancho Villa.  He is recognized as one of the first Revolutionary generals in the Mexican army.  He lorded over the Division of the North as a political leader as well and from 1913 to 1914 he served as the Governor of Chihuahua.

Pancho Villa was much like the fabled Robin Hood.  He would rob from the rich and distribute it to the soldiers and peasants.  He utilized firing squads to control his enemies and seized government land.  He was also known to rob and commandeer trains.

Once captured, he was sentenced to be executed by a firing squad but at the last minute was saved by President Madero who wanted him to spend the rest of his life in prison.  Pancho Villa was very crafty and escaped.  Twenty years after his death, he received a recognition as a national hero.  Today, Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant proudly displays his name as they thought of him as a hero as well.

They have over seven hundred and fifty reviews on the internet with close to a four-star rating.  They have won many awards around the area for their food and their hospitality.

Dominguez Family Mexican Restaurant and Grill opened their doors in 2006.  Located in the Nokomis area of Minneapolis, a climate much harsher than their hometown of Cuernavaca which is located in the state of Morelos which sits forty-five miles south of Mexico City.

Morelos had its own hero in the Mexican Revolution named Emiliano Zapata Salazar.  He inspired an agrarian movement called Zapatismo as the leader of the peasant revolution.  The revolution began when landowners who raised sugar cane started to monopolize their water and land resources.

At Dominguez Family Mexican Restaurant, they make their own tortilla chips and salsa.  This they serve for free with the purchase of a meal.  As a family owned business, they encourage large family gatherings and love to see multi-generations of family enjoy their amazing food.

Their warm friendly atmosphere keeps clients coming back time and again.  They have over six hundred positive evaluations on the web that gives them over four- and one-half star rating.

Located in the Southwest part of Minneapolis, Minnesota is El Jefe Cocina & Bar.  Owner, Chef Miguel Urritia, started working in his father’s restaurant when he was just twelve years old in a Mexican city called Irapauto.  While he started as a dish washer, he soon found he was drawn to how dishes were prepared and cooked.

Miguel left Mexico when he was sixteen and moved to Los Angeles.  There he worked in several restaurants honing his skills and dreaming of owning his own restaurant one day.  He started his own line of chips, sauces and salsas which he sold at the Prior Lake Farmers Market in 2014.  Soon he opened his first food truck then quickly opened El Jefe Cocina & Bar.

He only has one hundred and thirty-four online posts, but they have given him well over a four-star rating.  With over twenty-five years’ experience, he puts his heart and soul into his restaurant.