3 Restaurant Reviews in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles CA Restaurant Benihana is located at 3760 Indland Empire Boulevard in Ontario which is a city in the greater Los Angeles, California area. It got its humble beginnings when Yunosuke Aoki and his wife, Katsu, opened a small coffee shop in Tokyo, Japan after the war. Yunosuke, a decendent of a samurai warrior, wanted to stand out from other coffee shops and was known to ride his bike as far away as twenty miles to buy real sugar.

His son, Hiroaki, was so inspired by this fathers’ hard work that he moved to the United States after he graduated from college. He did not have much money, so he began selling ice cream on the streets of Harlem. When he was not working, he studied restaurant management. His ice cream business was successful because he would use Japanese cocktail umbrellas to adorn his ice cream. Once he reached his savings goal of $10,000, Hiroaki took out a loan and opened the first Benihana which was the name of his father’s coffee shop.

The business took off and soon Hiroaki was opening Benihana’s all over the United States. Sadly, he died in 2008 but his legacy lives with over seventy Benihana restaurants in the Caribbean, South and Central America and the United State. They have close to twenty-three hundred reviews on the world wide web with a four-point-two-star rating.

Located at 11560 4th Street in Rancho Cucamonga a city located in the Los Angeles area, is Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. It is owned by the Sims family and has locations from California to Florida.Los Angles California Restaurant

Founder, Chris Simms, is also the Chief Executive Officer of Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. Chris a native to Southern California grew up in the restaurant business and worked his way up the ladder in various restaurants while going to Lyola High School and then Cornell University. He opened the first Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar with his father in Huntington Beach, California in 2003.

The focus of Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is to bring great scratch cooking to the public. Their hard work has paid off as they have a four-point-five-star rating online with close to thirty-six hundred evaluations.

The Whisper House is a unique restaurant that strives to serve eclectic food as well as comfort food with a twist. They are located at 502 W 1st Street in Claremont an artsy city in the Los Angeles, California area. One of the experiences that people flock to in this place is their atmosphere of a speakeasy after nine o’clock every evening.

Los Angeles CA Restaurant Photo FoodOne of the things that makes The Whisper House unique is it is located in the historic Claremont Packing House. It was built in 1922 to accommodate the packing and shipping of oranges and lemons. They shipped all over the world until around 1972 when the orchards gave way to suburban housing. It was purchased by a developer who restored the building to its original features as well as putting in lofts, entertainment venues, boutiques, office space and galleries.

It is said the Claremont Packing house is the hub of the community where visitors and locals alike gather. They may only have five hundred and forty-seven posts on the internet, but they have achieved and four-point-three-star rating.


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