Reviews of Three Mediterranean Restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia by Atlanta by Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros

Atlanta GA Restaurant PhotoGrecian Gyro is located on the West Side, Home Park area of Atlanta, Georgia.  Owner, Nick Koulouris, opened his first restaurant in 1982 with only fifty dollars in his pocket.  He had a recipe for a secret sauce that caught onto the foodie community fast.

Atlanta Magazine’s readers voted Grecian Gyro “Atlanta’s Best Gyro” one year and in 2015 they got the coveted Interise Thriving Small Business award.  Nick’s sons, Pano and George, expanded the business in 2007 and 2008 by opening two new locations.

In 2012 they opened the restaurant up to franchise due to popular demand.  They may only have eighty-one reviews on the internet, but they have over a four- and one-half-star rating.  People comment they go there not only for the amazing food but the great Greek family atmosphere as well as the coveted secret sauce.

Located in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia is Café Agora.  It is believed that an agora came into place after the fall of the Mycenaean civilization.  An agora was considered a marketplace for residential, assembly or commercial gatherings.Atlanta GA Restaurant Fish

Turkish food is a combination of Greek, Turkic, Persian and Arabic cuisines.  They use a lot of yogurt and white cheeses that are made with sheep’s milk.  Olive oil is used almost exclusively in this type of food at Cafe Agora.

With flavors of onions, garlic, green peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumber and beans the food just comes alive in the consumers mouth.  They have scored a four-point-five-star rating online with over seven hundred positive posts.

Atlanta GA Restaurant GreekOwner, John Gianoulidis, opened his first Kafenio in 2015 with a nasty review by one client saying he will go out of business in his first year.  John did not let that sway him in any way and proved the patron wrong.  He’s even opened a second Kafenio in Avondale.

John’s parents immigrated to the United States from Greece in 1963 to escape military rule.  They saw the American Dream as something you worked hard at to succeed.  John was raised helping his parents in pizza restaurant.

The Kafenio Avondale is located in a district that caters to the night life.  As a result, he included a full bar offering Mediterranean and Greek wines as well as beer.  The bar top is made of Greek marble which reminds John of the marble bar tops in Greece.

John has created an atmosphere at Kafenio Avondale that brings people together.  He has a strong four-point-eight-star rating on the world wide web with close to one hundred and fifty endorsements.  John doesn’t just sit by and watch his employees work; he jumps in and helps them.

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