Two Great Hood Cleaning Companies in Southern California

kitchen exhaust cleaningLet’s face it, hood cleaning is not a glamorous business.  It consists of removing grease build-up oil the kitchen exhaust system from the kitchen to the rooftop where the air is released. Most jobs are done at night when a commercial kitchen is closed, and most hood cleaners wear coveralls to keep from getting grease on their day to day clothes.  They get grease in their hair, ears and under their nails so they have to shower at the end of their shift.  

Hood cleaning in commercial kitchens is about property safety and life.  As a commercial kitchen is used, grease and other contaminants can build up in the filters, the duct system, fans and even on the rooftop where the turbine is.  This grease build-up can become a fire hazard putting you, your business, you employees and even your clientele at risk.  Therefore, it is important to hire a professional hood cleaning company that has their team members trained to the National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA) Code 96 standards.  

LA Hood Cleaning is one of the best companies in Southern California to do a professional hood cleaning job in your commercial kitchen.  Their team will do the following when cleaning your commercial exhaust system:

  • They will take apart and clean the hood filter, removable grease cups and grease troughs
  • They will remove the fans and clean the shroud, base and blades
  • They inspect the system for any worn out fan belts and tighten them if they are loose
  • They remove the grease from the duct that leads to the turbine
  • They will get on the roof and degrease the turbine and clean any grease that has spilled onto the roof
  • They will polish the stainless steel to give your hood the “like new” appeal
  • They will give you a written report of any needed repairs
  • They take before and after photos for you as well as place a sticker on your hood indicating the date the hood was cleaned and when the next professional cleaning should be done.  

Orange County Hood Cleaning is another great company to choose when looking for a hood cleaner.  They will do the same process as LA Hood Cleaning.  They understand that a professional hood cleaning is important to any commercial kitchen.  Not only does your insurance company request you have it done on a regular basis, the Fire Marshal could have your business shut down if they don’t see that you have had a professional cleaning.  Hood Cleaning  

There are some commercial kitchen owner/managers who rely on their employees to clean their exhaust system.  They may do a great job of cleaning the filters and easy to reach places, however, they rarely think to climb up on the roof to clean the grease that can accumulate in the turbine.  If that is not cleaned on a regular basis, grease will spill out of the turbine on the roof. 

Grease that accumulates on the roof is not only a fire hazard, it can damage the rooftop material which is costly to replace.  It can also be an environmental hazard when there are storms.  The water that drains off the roof will have grease in it and it will go down the sewer drain.  This can case costly fines as well as a costly cleaning.  It will also stain the outside walls as the water runs off the roof and this could keep people from choosing your restaurant as a place to dine.

Hood Cleaning ImageThe bottom line is you need to have your commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis.  For the most part, the system should be cleaned every three months but it can be more or less frequent depending on the type of business you have as well as they type of fuel you use to cook your food.